Elixir greenfield internal platform

Hey everyone,

A client I’m working with is building out/migrating an internal platform used for processing, monitoring and verifying trading behavior.

The company is generally polyglot, but heavily on the FP side and majority of the codebase is functional.
This specific work will be most of the time in Elixir. However a few legacy systems in C# and Python need to be dealt with until the migration is fully finished.
No external customers - freedom to change things that aren’t working
Culture-wise, there is little management constraint on how things should be done. It’s more in vein of “it works, it stays”

Salary range is quite open, with large bonuses. All cash, no stock or equity.
Onsite in Chicago only.

Here’s a profile they’re looking for:
• previously worked on large-scale backend systems
• previous experience with Elixir (work or side-project)
• years of commercial experience required: min 5 yrs
• good understanding of concurrency, micro-services architecture
• good understanding of the FP principles and different layers of abstraction (as it’s latency-sensitive work)

Feel free to DM me or email bogdan@functionalworks.com

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