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My company just shipped the last Node application :slight_smile:
we are doing a 100% transition to elixir (with elm on the front once elixir has ben 100% integrated)

So we need to train a few people in getting practical knowledge in Elixir. The thought is creating something like an Elixir guide for internal use and external use. This guide will not contain any syntax tutorials there are many good sites already covering that. We used Elixirschool.com for internally. Now we want to go a bit further and and do real world stuff to actually show people real use cases. Like Getting a centos server and elixir app app and running securely. how and when to use other languages ( we do a lot of stuff in C, even assembly). best practices in monitoring your applications when they are live on a production server and much more.

This is to get people up and running with better applications and make niches more available with less research.
We will be hosting and maintaining the site and I hope there are some people wanting to contribute so that more the content will grow over time.

Also we are hosting Elixir Hackathons and free Workshops in order to get more people using Elixir in Norway so this site will be the basis of what will teach them there.

It would also be nice it possible to use this forum to discuss issues and articles that should be on the site.
I hope there will be som interest in this and in order to get the more advanced concepts within our favourite language more approachable.

There is much more I could say but I tend to ramble so I’ll stop.

What I would like to know are some suggestion on content and som discussion on how this should evolve.


This sounds fantastic Hoegbo.

Do you have a more complete list of what you intend to include? Perhaps we can help tweak it. What you have mentioned already though sounds good, perhaps with the notable exception of hot reloading.

Your current list:

  • Centos server and elixir app deployed and running securely
  • How and when to use other languages
  • Best practices in monitoring applications on a production server


  • Hot reloading

I know that you said you have the language covered already, but one thing I would highly recommend is getting your company to buy all of the current Elixir books. Books are incredibly good at getting people up to speed on things and go into more depth than online material (which is fantastic in its own right).

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Still working on this, if someone has some suggestions on subjects to be added I would appreciate it. if anyone has some best practices suggestions or advanced topics to cover I would appreciate that.

As said previously this is a tool for getting employees up and running with best practices from day one and is not intended to replace tutorials or books or other sites. But its sort of a lexicon for concepts beyond the basic Elixir syntax up to the more advanced concepts which I feel are spread out to thin in awesome blogposts here and there.

If anyone wants to contribute please PM me. That will give me more time to finish of some AI articles I am working on.


You could get some ideas off the Meteor Guide. It’s the same thing you’re doing, but with Meteor.


For the CentOS part, I would suggest both Docker and Vagrant. I use https://puphpet.com/, granted I’m still heavily engrossed in PHP land, but it’s trivial to add the yum packages to at least get the basic scaffolding for Erlang/Elixir ready to go. I have a few gripes but it’s still the quickest way for me to configure a virtual machine from start to finish.

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Since this is a good idea and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere.
I will set aside an hour a day for this project so that it gets done. And I would like someone to join me building this project and in deciding what goes where.

I am still to new to elixir to tell people how to do stuff so I cant and wont go about it alone.
As for getting and approving content it would be great if we could manage something like what the FreeBSD community has with users taking turn to work on FreeBSD committee.

@Hoegbo I would like to discuss this with project with you ASAP

Lets get Cracking!

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