Elixir in big corps and repository manager


I’m working for a S&P 500 and we already have some Elixir applications running unofficially (outside the corporate network).

Our main restriction to be officially supported is that all deployments (CI/CD) are required to use JFrog Artifactory or Sonartype Nexus (on-prem repository managers), but neither of them support hex.pm

Both of them have been requested for this feature long time ago:

I think these are bottlenecks for Elixir adoption in big companies, so we need to do something about it

We probably need help from the community to do some “politics” with JFrog and Sonartype.
¿Anyone working or with friends there, who could ask why they are not willing to support erlang and elixir?

Also, please go to their jiras and upvote the feature!


I’m sorry, This was already discussed:

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