Elixir in the Wild

Literally :lol:

We all know Elixir has taken us to new heights, but where have we taken Elixir? :101:

Could be where you’ve gone to read about it, write about it, talk about it… or even to work with it. If you’ve done something with Elixir somewhere exciting or away from home, please tell us!


It’s been a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, with record breaking temperatures :sunny: so I’ve been out everyday going for long walks up the mountains. Today, I thought I wouldn’t go quite as far, but would take my Kindle and catch up on some reading while sunbathing!

So I took Elixir up into the beautiful Welsh valleys…

I live in that valley :003: and it took about 30 minutes to walk up this steep (very steep!) hill from my house (would take about another 90 minutes to get to the top of the mountain (which is stunning). You could walk all day and still not be done with the countryside, sometimes, you don’t see a single soul :heart:

I did take a video, but tiny pic is not letting me upload it.

Edit: managed to upload the video here: http://sendvid.com/532kijzg :023:


OK. I’ll bite because I’m from Texas and naturally curious. What are record breaking temperatures in Wales this time of year?


I think the hottest in Wales was 26C but I don’t think it was a bank holiday record breaker, however it was for the UK as a whole, with the highest temp recorded as 28.7C:

I bet this is mild compared to what you get :lol:

Today in Austin (where I am) and Dallas (where I’m from) it was 93˚F - 95˚F (34-35˚C). In Lubbock, where my in-laws live, it’s expected to get to 100˚F (38˚C) this week. By July and August it should be over 100 most days. Occasionally it will get to 112˚F-115˚F (44-46˚C)


Really nice, indeed! :national_park::+1:

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Oh how… quaint… ^.^

I live a bit north/west of this (just over the northern Tx/NM border) and we reached 101˚F/38˚C last weekend, we routinely hit well over 120˚F/49˚C in the summer with occasional hotter spikes. Oh and we get almost no rain (maybe once or twice a year, sometimes none every few years, literally years between rain storms), super super dry. ^.^;

But yeah, 29.7˚C/83.6˚F is absolutely nothing. Right at this moment (not the hottest point of the day and it cooled down a lot today because some clouds came over thank goodness) it is 92˚F/33.3˚C. ^.^;

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@OvermindDL1 all we get here is rain…and sometimes 3 different weather conditions in one day


Heh, we get (in order of how often it happens):

  1. Sun.
  2. Sun with some scattered clouds that don’t do anything.
  3. Dust Storms because of wind, entire thing lit up by sun but otherwise can’t see a couple blocks down because of all the dirt in the air.
  4. Sun with clouds that occasionally cast shadows (whooo!).
  5. Storms-of-Doom (massive rain drop, lightning, fires, tornado’s).
  6. Dust Storms with fire tornado’s (yes really).
  7. Blizzard-of-Doom that shuts everything down for like a week.
  8. And like once or twice every ten years we get a nice spring shower that is not trying to kill you.

It’s an interesting place here… ^.^;

Honestly though, I’d take the storms of doom over the sun or dirt storms any day…

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@OvermindDL1 about time you moved to UK then

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Lol, or Washington here in the USA, one of the wettest places in the world!

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But… but… do you take Elixir with you? :lol:

I want to see photos and/or videos please :003:

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Last weekend a group of 25 programming friends all rented a cabin in Heber, UT, USA. Several of us were learning or working on Elixir projects. I spent the weekend reading Fred Hebert’s http://propertesting.com/ and converting the examples to PropCheck.

I added a few PRs to one of my open source projects to use what I had learned and make it more robust.


That’s awesome Michael!!! What a beautiful setting and cabin :049: Did you take pictures of the inside and around the area too? I’d love to see :slight_smile: (I’d love to build my own cabin up here in the mountains one day :lol:)