`Elixir` module prepended to hooks

When I use the live_file_input helper, it generates an element referencing an unknown hook, Elixir.Phoenix.LiveFileUpload

// source
<%= live_file_input @uploads.avatar %>
// generated
<input id="phx-FvTV4Hx-vTA9rROh" type="file" name="avatar" accept=".jpg,.jpeg,.png" phx-hook="Elixir.Phoenix.LiveFileUpload" multiple="" data-phx-update="ignore" data-phx-upload-ref="phx-FvTV4Hx-vTA9rROh" data-phx-active-refs="" data-phx-done-refs="" data-phx-preflighted-refs="">
// browser console
[Error] unknown hook found for "Elixir.Phoenix.LiveFileUpload"

If I manually replace live_file_input with the generated HTML, and strip Elixir. from the module, it works just fine.

What’s going on here?

This was a bug on master and has been fixed!


Incredible, Chris—thank you!