Elixir must be gaining popularity as I've received a couple of job offers - anyone else?

In the past month I’ve received two emails with job opportunities working in Elixir here in the Dallas FTW area, and Denver, CO area.


I’m curious to know which industries?

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Yes. Someone went to EE Factory conference said that he met an Apple engineer there. Apple is adapting Elixir in internal project.


I’m trying my best to introduce Elixir at Raytheon. I really feel like we could save the Government money by writing a lot of our applications in Elixir.


I believe you misunderstood me. I was commenting that Elixir IS gaining traction because I’m starting to receive recruiting emails, from with-in my industry, about job opportunities involving writing code in Elixir full time.


/Removed some off-topic posts and renamed the title to (hopefully) make the OP’s intent clearer/

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@AstonJ, thanks. I typed this post out in haste and should have done a better job articulating my thoughts.


We’ve seen quite a few on the forum as well.

However one thing worth noting is a significant number of organisations are moving their existing teams to Elixir (probably previously Ruby-based more than anything else) so I think right now, job postings isn’t a great indicator of adoption - but it’s still great to see we are seeing more and more Elixir posts becoming available :023:

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In my case they weren’t just job postings, but direct recruiting emails saying they were looking to transition services from Java to Elixir.


Nice, you must have caught their attention :003: (how do you think they found you? Your libraries, blogs, GitHub account, or are you already registered with them?)

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I talked to a friend of mine at Clemson and there’s at least one area of the university using it for a pretty sizeable project.

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As a consultant I habitually keep an eye on the job market and what stacks are being hired, and anecdotally I’m seeing a small uptick in the number of companies I know of using Elixir and hiring for actual positions that are responsible at least part time for maintaining and extending existing Elixir apps. (Emphasis to mark the difference between companies that want to lure Rubyists in by dangling a project they’re “thinking about” using Elixir for…)

Cautious optimism is warranted—we’re still talking about small numbers here, but there is definite growth in the market.

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I think they just found me via LinkedIn.


The signs were here.

  • Adobe has one or more team working with Elixir internally. It is listed in their job offer as things to support or know about when you apply for some jobs.
  • SquareEnix, CCP Games, etc… Use Elixir in some internal project. Probably not something that will replace all their stack, but they are on it.
  • Bleacher Report are now public about it and even shows their numbers. Nice PR btw, thank you Bleacher Report !
  • I personally got hired for that type of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Pinterest, Discord, etc… We are seeing a bit more visibility. If Pinterest could do a bit of PR again, that would be nice :stuck_out_tongue: but that will probably not happen.
  • We are still in the “up and coming” in the SO survey. It begins to show.
  • There is a steady demand for senior devs. The next step is for company to add it into what they are going to teach their junior.
  • etc etc

Governments don’t like saving money, they like to spend it. If you present Elixir as a money saving solution it won’t go down very well :slight_smile:

You are talking about major Government contractors here :smiley: I mean where is the future income stream for upgrades, maintenance, spare parts and all that going to come from? I get queasy when I hear that 15 Rails servers have been reduced to 2 with one as a standby and maintenance engineers have been reduced from 5 to 1. You’ve got to sympathize with Dick Jones sometimes. He cares about the company’s future income.

That is not to say that Raytheon does not care about efficiency, but who knows, Elixir may turn out to be the secret sauce behind the The Rise of The Machines, given the Nerves project and all that.

It is probably being used in some skunkworks, some where, in there.

@jeramyRR: I think that Elixir is gaining popularity really fast.

From me - a developer from Poland in small city (about ~10k) that prefers remote work - Elixir is popular enough to work on projects as in any other language, hmm no. I think it’s better in my case. Maybe it’s luck or maybe not.

  1. Firstly I applied to one scraping side-project.
  2. After some months I created linkedin account, post on forum about me and applied to one project as CTO and got invite to another also as CTO in ~similar time.
  3. After next some days I got another invite, but I had already full hands.
  4. One of projects (when worked as CTO) was small and I already finished it

Now I’m going to finish work on scraping project (and preparing to work on its sister project - in umbrella app) and I’m also working for second project from that invites as CTO. Currently I can see some offers that I can also apply without any problem, but don’t have a time for them. I can see that some people are interested in my profile at linkedin. I don’t expected that I will become as popular as now in that time and that I will find so much work offers (I started learn Elixir about 7 months ago), but Elixir word is better than I through :smile: