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Thread for news about Elixir and core tech (such as Hex, Ecto, etc).

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Elixir continues to grow in The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings: January 2016

Elixir: The Erlang-friendly language made a notable jump this time around. The last quarter we surveyed languages, Elixir placed at #60. As of this January, it had jumped to #54. While we caution against reading too much into specific numerical differences, the more so the further down the list one goes, this change is notable as it suggests that the language – a darling amongst some language aficionados – is finally seeing some of the growth ourselves and others have expected from it. Interestingly, Erlang did not benefit from this bounce, as it slid back to #26 after moving up to #25 last quarter

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Elixir is growing fast. I’m also seeing more and more jobs for Elixir, specially when the company is Rails-based. We see a lot of people, José Valim and Chris McCoord included, to try to separate Elixir and Phoenix from Ruby and Rails, but in my honest opinion, it is the “Elixir is the new Ruby and Rails” mentality that’s the main driving point for the language’s growing popularity (in the sense of making people curious about it, of course the language is phenomenal).

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You could be right Sasha, I’ve heard many people say they feel that Phoenix is the spiritual successor to Rails…