Elixir on Cellphones?

I’ve used Elixir on Arm7 (RPi, Odroid) with great results. Small memory overhead, built-in multicore performance. A good fit for single-board devices.

For data-collection apps and server processes, Elixir ought to work well on cellphones. Has anyone tried it? How would one go about installing an Elixir app and runtime on an Android or IOS device??

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The big issue is getting builds that the host OS such as Android will accept / allow. There was some work on this in the past, e.g. http://www.burbas.se/artiklar/erlang-for-the-android-plattform/ but I have not heard anything recently.

The main rub is that these platforms are highly opinionated about what can be run on them, and a VM in C is generally not what they are building with in mind.

So … possible … but an uphill battle?