Elixir on Docker, Quickstart project template

Quickly get started developing clustered Elixir applications for cloud environments.

This project template provides a set of sensible defaults for a new application designed to be cloud native.
It includes:

  • A main service www, this serves the main content offered by your application.
  • Secure HTTP/2 content delivery with Ace web server.
  • Code reloading in development environment using ExSync.
  • Automatic clustering. Setup for docker-cloud other environments coming soon.
  • Web based metrics, monitoring and observing with Wobserver.
  • Documentation driven development with Raxx.Blueprint.
  • Integration test suit running from the integration service.

I am happy to answer questions about getting started with this template in the raxx channel on slack.

Raxx is the the interface between the Ace server and components like Raxx.Blueprint and Raxx.Static.



Why not just ask in this thread?

Chat rooms don’t persist - everything said and done on a forum can help many people further down the line :slight_smile:


That is a fair enough point. It was mostly just a suggestion if people wanted to chat and didn’t have a point to make that they felt persisting.


I’d like to join the chat, if I’d be invited, I’m new to elixir and don’t feel yet the need of my n00b question getting persisted here.

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Of course you are welcome. jump on in.

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Project update 2018-01-30

  • Elixir version is 1.6.1.
  • All dependencies in initial project are updated to latest.
  • Dependencies are not recompiled on code changes
  • Starter project has logging with Raxx.Logger