Elixir on NanoPi Neo

I have a nanopi neo and I really want to try Nerves on it, but I have no clue where to start, wondered if anyone could offer any advice/pointers?

I found a github repo that appears to contain nerves for the device but I unsure how to use it.
The maintainer was kind enough to suggest adding the repo to my dependencies, which I tried on a new “hello_nerves” application…

defp system("nanopi_neo"), do: [{:nerves_system_nanopi_neo, 
git: "https://github.com/dhanson358/nerves_system_nanopi_neo.git", 
ref: "v0.0.50", 
runtime: false}]

… but MIX_TARGET=nanopi_neo mix deps.get failure due to version conflicts (repo appears to be for nerves 0.5.1)
He also suggested his changes may no longer been necessary, which is cool but how can I try stock nerves for this device?

I just wanna play with elixir on this tiny thing, get an iex prompt (or something) running on it but not sure where or how to start.

Nerves doesn’t support that board directly. If it was at one point working, then that repo can probably be brought up to date with the latest changes.

For now if you are intimidated by building the kernel and Buildroot configs, I’d suggest picking up a Raspberry Pi 0w. It can be had for about $10 usd, and will always have the latest support from Nerves


thanks for the response.
Good advice, I believe I also have an older rpi1, so probably best to get used to nerves stuff on a supported device, before going offroad :slight_smile: