Elixir/Phoenix/(and a bit of Rails) Developer at Superlist - Remote (european timezone-ish)

We’re a team of highly motivated people that came together to challenge how collaboration and team management software works. Our team is a remote-first, international, and experienced group of individuals. We value self-organization and taking over responsibilities and new challenges. You can read a bit about your journey so far at The Verge.

About us

My name: Ben Kubota
My position: CTO/CPO
Company name: Superlist
Website: https://superlist.com/
Country: Europe
Company info and history:
You can look at our original pitch deck to get more background info.

About the job

Job title: (Senior) Backend Engineer
Job description: Enable more real-time aspects in our Desktop application by pushing some of our backend (written in Go and Ruby) towards our fresh Elixir infrastructure. This is new territory for us, our app works, our backend work, but adding more Elixir magic to the mix is still pretty much a blank canvas. Help us to establish the foundation, it would be good if you have a few years of experience building Elixir backends.
Salary range: 65-85k EUR + equity
Position on remote work: remote :partying_face:
Qualifications or experience required: primary requirement is to be a good and ego-less human being, we value team chemistry over experience. But having a few years of professional Elixir (and ideally some Ruby) experience won’t hurt. Other than that, you should enjoy clean architecture, not overengineer things and always thrive to find a healthy balance between pragmatism and doing it "the right way"™.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: We follow an offline-first approach for our application. Once our app is online, data need to be synced to and from remote. The infrastructure for that is based on FCMs so far and should be moved to websockets. We also plan to add more real-time collaboration aspects to our application.

About the interview process
We will have a number of chats. First with the CTO, then with some of the developers and if everyone gives a thumbs up, we’re happy to jump into actual working together. We do not believe in code challenges or other shenanigans. We will be straightforwards and unfiltered with you, you should be straightforward and unfiltered with us. If we think it makes sense for both sides, we’ll start working.
It’s not our intention to waste your time - in the end you need to see if we’re a good fit for you as well as you are a good fit for us. If that’s the case, let’s get going.

Further info
See the “official” job posting: https://superlist.recruitee.com/o/senior-backend-engineer-mfd


Awesome. This is how you respect everyone’s time and how a company respect a senior engineer experience. Companies that make seniors go through tests are humiliating and old fashioned.

The only place I have seen this so far was at my current job (took them less than 30 minutes to decide to hire me; then I also helped hiring other Elixir engineers here and the process is all the same, straight to the point, no tests/challenges).

Kudos to you and Superlist, hope you find someone! :partying_face:

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