Elixir/Phoenix Developer - Remote, Germany @Octoscreen

My name: Julian
My position: Co-Founder
Company name: Octoscreen
Website: https://www.octoscreen.de/
Country: Germany
Company info and history: Proptech company using elixir as main language

About the position

Job title: Elixir/Phoenix Developer
Job description: We are looking for an Elixir & Phoenix engineer who can pick up new skills fast. Both junior and senior devs can apply.

About the interview process
Interview with CEO & CTO

About Octoscreen

Our goal is to make access to unstructured information in the real estate industry easily accessible to ever company. In doing so, Octoscreen is the first B2B location monitoring solution that can collect unstructured, heterogeneous and time-sensitive data from thousands of sources in the real estate industry and transform it into structured and customized information.


Remote as in within the boundaries of Mother Deutschland?

I checked some of the positions from their website, those have been “remote within EU”.


thanks, man!

Open to rEUmote working

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