Elixir/phoenix error - comprehensions must start with a generator

web/templates/topic/index2.html.eex:3: for comprehensions must start with a generator.

Please I new to elixir and I gets above error shows up when I try to execute phoenix server.
How can I fixed it. thanks in advance.

Hello, welcome to the forum.

The error message means You have a wrong syntax in the for comprehension command used in index2 template. Probably something like

<%= for x <- generator do %>
<% end %>

But for us to help You, You will need at least to provide the failing template. (And maybe your controller code)

Please show the code You have in index2…


Thank you very much @kokolegorille, I apologize for the incomplete information, please find below my template code:

    <%= for topic in topics do %>
  • <%= topic.title %>
  • <% end %>

I don’t know the rest of your code, but I assume topics is setup in the controller, and passed to the template…

In that case, You should use @topics instead of topics in the template.


Thank you very much your suggestion solved the problem,
However, I changed in to <- as well for it work

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Glad You solved it.

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