Elixir/Phoenix fullstack @ Capital Markets in Big Canadian Bank (Jersey City, but some remote ok)

RBC Capital Markets

About us

My name: Thanos Vassilakis
My position: Head of R&D and Technical Shared Services
Company name: RBC CM
Website: https://www.rbccm.com
Company info and history

This is a lot of green field development in trading, risk, ML and were going to do it in Elixir and Python. It’s good stuff and a great time to join a great team!

About the job

Job title: Full time fullstack developer
Job description:
Salary range: TBD
Duration: 6 month initially but if you are good and work well with the team it’s extendable up to two years or there’s an option to switch to full time.
Position on remote work: Fridays and as things progress Mondays too
Qualifications or experience required: You need to be a really good programmer who enjoys to work on BEAM in Elixir and if not in Erlang. You need to be handy in Python and with Docker and know your way around Linux.

Trading, Risk, and other investment bank crud is a plus.

Further info

Contact me: thanos.vassilakis@rbccm.com

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