Elixir/Phoenix fullstack @ french startup (remote from anywhere)

Digiforma, a french Training Management Resources System (SaaS product), is looking for a fullstack engineer (first hire).
We are a very small company, but our solution has a nice growth and seriously starts to kick ass in the french market of TRMS.
We are a fully and successfully bootstraped company (no investor/startup/out-of-money shenanigans). This is a long term position with a lot of potential for those willing to do more than coding.
French fluency mandatory !

About us

My name: Henri Morlaye
My position: Cofounder
Company name: Digiforma
Website: https://www.digiforma.com
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

Digiforma is a Phoenix+Vue.js app running on Heroku.

About the job

Job title: Full time fullstack developper
Job description:
Salary range:
Position on remote work: No problem, we are a 100% remote company
Qualifications or experience required: Some experience with Rails or Phoenix, junior accepted
Language: Fluency in french mandatory

Further info

Contact me: henri.morlaye@digiforma.com