Elixir/Phoenix/LiveView developer

Hiya! I’m Caleb. I’m an Elixir dev with LiveView and Elixir backend experience, both full time and contract, as well as freelance consulting. I’ve worked for real estate and accounting firms and also worked as a tutor for professionals who needed to learn new technologies. I’m located in Columbus, OH, USA but I’m willing to travel and/or relocate if needed. I’m also open to remote work. I am actually a native Elixir developer. It’s my first language. I’ve worked with Elixir and its associated front-end technologies, and done some hobby projects in Clojure. I’ve also been exposed to React, postgres, Tailwind CSS, Javascript, HTML, Java, and Python. I currently have a strong interest in Clojure, which I’ve used a bit on my own time, and am curious about F# and Haskell as well as Erlang.

While working for my last employer, I created an open-source library called Periscope, which is still in use by companies and individuals. It’s a debugging and analysis tool for LiveView that is designed to save developers time. It has received an enthusiastic response here on Elixir Forums as well as on Reddit. It has 35 stars on Github and has already received contributions from other devs.

My Github: caleb-bb (Caleb) · GitHub

My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caleb-b-a3301a221/

You can reach out to me on Github, LinkedIn, or here via private message for my email. Looking forward to hearing from you!


A few updates:

  1. I now hold a Certified Cloud Practitioner cert from AWS
  2. I now have a portfolio site you can find at http://caleb.beer
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Looks good Caleb!

You should consider making your main pic from your site your avatar here too - people hire people, and using a face pic on platforms like this, GH, Twitter, etc, can help you become more memorable/recognisable :023:

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