Elixir practixism proposal

I was thinking if we could launch kind of fork of exercism, ( i tend to like exercism) but i some in some points i might have different mind, let me explain.

We could start the project really simply and cheap in the forum by having a tag.
The main goal of practixism would be to focus on real topics like ‘sockets, architecture design, refactoring, DB ,ci, data analysis,storage, etc’. I think that as programmer the probles are not only coming from algorithms but because we miss the alternative perspeticve. Example: your code is using database in phoenix, but you might dunno an approach without database in phoenix design. ( this is only an example, i have thousands).
The main goal of practixism would be to discover IT programming concepts by exercise in elixir.
(Not only focusing on the alg part).
The Technologies need to be opensource and more the focusing on the topic concept (networking, cloud etc)
We could rename it also different if you wish, and create a github repo. Or other repos/websites

I dunno if you did the Linux kernel challange but i really enjoyed it so why not in elixir?


I haven’t actually looked at Exercism yet, how would your idea differ specifically?

Not exercise based, but we are thinking about starting a glossary section which could help with Elixir and functional specific areas :slight_smile:

May also be worth looking at https://elixirforum.com/t/seeking-contributors-for-elixir-quiz/16239and perhaps also contacting @doomspork as I’m sure they’ve discussed adding exercises (or may even already have them) over at ElixirSchool (self-published) (free) :slight_smile:


Thanks for the shoutout @AstonJ!

@MalloZup I’d love to chat with you more about exercises. This is in fact something we’re looking into for Elixir School. A couple months ago I started on a very simple collection of problems/projects/exercises that would allow people to practice their Elixir while also putting some of their troubleshooting skills to work — this style of approach has been very successful during training sessions. Check it out: https://github.com/elixirschool/homework.

The goal for Homework is to expand the number of projects and exercises while also beginning to incorporate them into our lessons, encouraging folks to wrap up a lesson and then put it to practice. You’ll see some of the exercises are simple CLI practice while others are more realistic. If you can think of some new lessons or problems worth solving, open an issue and let’s kick off a conversation.

That’s only just the beginning though. I have some interactive lessons in mind but there’s some hurdles we’ll need to overcome first.


thx! i will check out and let you know :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

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