Elixir projects with application under Phoenix umbrella (DDD)

Hi, I created a Phoenix project which uses umbrella structure, but I’m confused because I have 3 or 4 projects under it that are created with mix new NAME --sup and they have own application ex file.

Now how the Phoenix umbrella project knows it at start, some services should be started under each application file when I start phoenix project as main.

Do I create a main application file in my project and add all the sub project application module ?

Umbrella apps are just a different structure to conveniently develop multiple applications side by side. It doesn‘t alter the fact that applications work independent from each other. Startup order is determined by dependencies of each individual application (ˋdepsˋ in applications mix.exs). Therefore there‘s no code overarching all the applications in your umbrella project.

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If I understand each mix.exs of projects runs and works alone and loads own mod: {PROJECTNAME.Application, []} ? if it is the structure then I have no worry because my needed module is started !

The umbrella project does this already - it will start all the apps in the apps key of the top-level mix.exs file, or everything that looks like an application in apps_path.