Elixir Pune Meetup: Demo and workshop on creating a Payment Gateway in Gringotts library

Erlang & Elixir Pune January meetup (Happy New Year 2018!)

• What we’ll do

  1. A workshop on payment processing library for Elixir - Understand how it works
  2. Together we’ll see what it takes to add a new payment gateway integration and test it.

• What to bring
Laptops with Elixir installed.
If you are new to Elixir going through this link(https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/elixir/) should definitely help you in the meetup.

• Important to know
Aviabird has open sourced this payment gateway integration library with up to 7 gateways and the maintainers would help you get started with how you can implement more gateways in the library! so if you are looking forward to contributing to open source and elixir this is a good opportunity for you!


Good initiative. Any folks from Chennai wanna do this? Count me in…


Yeah, we have been doing this for last 1.5 years. Have some thoughts on doing in Banglore too sometime.

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