Elixir Roadmap

Where is the official Elixir Roadmap?

I don’t think there is one. @josevalim made claims several times basically saying Elixir is “done”, and majority of focus will be now on getting BEAM/Erlang/OTP and community libraries better. Obviously there is always something to be done and new features are planned / added here but I do believe it’s on ad-hoc basis now:


Good news no breaking changes! If that is true.

Well, there can be and probably will be (as were before) breaking changes in Erlang/OTP itself. Elixir been very kind to us developers with the fair deprecation notice periods, and actually printing the deprecation notices early so developers can see it. With Elrang you often have the planned defauults introduced early on as optional features, and then swapped the defaults with a major release, as it was with binary term format introduced in R16 and made default with R20, so we have to pay more attention to changelogs, luckily they always highlight the breaking changes.


The elixir conf keynote usually includes higher level roadmap for elixir: