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Here’s a new one on Testing Async Assigns (though it’s something of a preview for a full lesson in my Testing LiveView course).

:point_right: Elixir Streams |> Testing Async Assigns (Preview)

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Known about Mix.install for a while. But just recently used it for the first time. It’s awesome. :star_struck:

Super quick demo :point_right: Elixir Streams |> Dependencies in Scripts with Mix.install

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José just posted that Elixir 1.16.rc is out with four improvements to documentation.

Made a quick video exploring those four improvements!

:point_right: Elixir Streams |> Elixir 1.16's Improved Docs 📚

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Something that didn’t get a lot of notice, but I love these types of improvements. Found it in Elixir 1.16’s changelog.

Elixir 1.16 now allows us to run multiple test files with line numbers! :tada:

Check out a short video :video_camera:

:point_right: Elixir Streams |> Elixir 1.16 running multiple tests with line numbers! ✅

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This one is just me satisfying my curiosity.

I always wondered, how is :page_title the only assign that gets updated in the layout? What does LiveView do to make it special? :thinking:

So, I did a bit of code spelunking :diving_mask:

:point_right: Elixir Streams |> How is `:page_title` updated?

I know LiveView 0.20 shipped with assign_async but also with a start_async helper for arbitrary async tasks.

I love what LiveView provides out of the box for us.

Check it out :point_right: Elixir Streams |> LiveView's start_async helper for arbitrary async operations