Elixir v1.14.4 released

YES sir, I’m on Windows 10

The same for me, I am on Windows 11, I tried to uninstall and install erlang otp 26 and elixir 1.14.4 many times, but it did not help, I had to revert to erlang otp 25 as before and elixir 1.14.4, it is working normally now.

With otp 26 it hangs forever when I run iex -S mix.

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Elixir v1.14.5 is out with fixes for Erlang/OTP 26 on Windows: Elixir v1.14.5 released


There is indeed an on-going issue with compiling Rebar 3 dependencies on Erlang/OTP 26 on Windows: Both 1.14.5 and 1.15.0-rc0 with OTP-26 compilation hang on Windows · Issue #12589 · elixir-lang/elixir · GitHub

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The Windows issues on Erlang/OTP 26 should be addressed by running mix local.rebar and installing the latest Rebar.


This Works. Thanks!