Elixir v1.17.0-rc.0 released

Not sure if that was typo and they want to say 25 as this would also be supported, see:
Between Elixir and Erlang/OTP section of Compatibility and deprecations documentation.

Recommend != required, so maybe there are some significant performance changes in OTP 26 or other important changes, but anyway you should be fine until Erlang/OTP 18 stable release + next Elixir version after it.

Latest Elixir fully supports previous 3 Erlang stable releases and sometimes one next in patch release which was not possible in Elixir version 1.16.3, see:

Seeing recent release dates we can estimate that Erlang/OTP 28 would be released around the middle of May 2025, so the earlier version of Elixir which would drop support for 25 would be 1.19 which stable release would most probably be around June 2025, so you should still have at least a year of support.