Elixir Version Managers



That’s not a version manager. It just installs the latest version and optionally updates it. It does not install two different versions.


@NobbZ is right, Chocolatey is not meant to be a version manager.
I’ve even contacted the package author to see the possibility to provide more elixir versions based on otp compilation.

So… I started putting together my own version manager… I’m no expert and just started hacking around with Powershell for real after posting in here. For anyone interested:

PS.: The project is very very embrionary and lacks a lot of functionality to make it usable right now.
Currently, it can list branches and releases for Elixir and Erlang as well as download those versions.

I intend to keep working on it (It’s been two days hacking around so far)…

I mainly started this project because I was trying to start to learning Elixir/Phoenix and the vs code extensions that uses dialyxir was complaining about the version my elixir was compiled, so I ended up in this thread :slight_smile:.


You could probably just port asdf to powershell or something, that way it would be ‘generic’ and you could even reuse the same old packaging information from many asdf things. :slight_smile:

Or just use asdf via bash on windows?


@OvermindDL1 I don’t want to be generic though; I think I’ll use my efforts (and free time) a lot better if I reduce the scope to just elixir.
BTW, I’ve looked asdf source code in the past and I don’t think it would be trivial to port it to Windows because Powershell has a lot of idiosyncrasies.

Or just use asdf via bash on windows?

I just hate it. WSL till this day has a lot of problems and is not feasible to have just another shell to do one thing. I sincerely don’t understand the impetus of indicating this for Windows; WSL is mainly a workaround that produces a terribly mixed workflow.


Oh I’m not big on WSL either, I use a secondary installed bash shell (the full cygwin shell actually) and it works far better. :slight_smile: