Elixir vs Go based on Go video

Have to refresh my memory on Go for a training class so was watching some videos among other things. This video Concurrency made easy from GopherCon SG 2017

is like best advert for Erlang/Elixir the whole talk is identifying and fixing bugs/race conditions in a small Go snippet of code and I was thinking the whole video how pretty much none of these issues would exist if the program was written in Elixir or Erlang. So kudos to Joe and @rvirding for making very sane arch. decisions making programmers cognitive load 1/10 of that of “modern” lang like Go.


In my team I’m encouraging the approach that we write the simple things in Go, and the complex things we’d like to be simple in Elixir. :smirk:


Cool approach. But beware, nothing is as simple as it seems to be before really doing it.


Yes, I’m keeping careful tabs on what the team is doing in Go: it has yet to be proven maintainable any but the most simple cases, IMHO.

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I am done using anything that does not have sane dep. management tool (provided I have the choice in the matter :slight_smile: )