ElixirConf 2017—who's going?

Just a few short weeks away—who else is going?


Not going myself but please take loads of pics and let us know how you get on :003:


I’ll be there :slight_smile:


Washington is sadly way too far for me currently, but I hope for docs and videos! :slight_smile:

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Will be there :smiley:

My first real “big conference” and a bit nervous of what the hell I’m going to do with myself, any recommendations before the conf?

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In my dreams only. :smiley:

Building an artificial pancreas with elixir and nerves was one of the highlights for me. Is inspiring to see how much work has been put into nerves and how it is being used by the community.

Also José Valim gave a keynote speech where he talks about elixir upcoming features, amazing to see how much thought has been put into the language.

Then conf was great fun overall, I’m very glad I made the jump. More than the talks or courses, what I really keep from the conf is the more personalized talk that speakers, attendees and organizers spent along me; I was listened even if I would not be able to keep up a conversation with the same level of technicality and received thoughtful advice to continue my learning path.

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People are actually controlling insulin pumps over wireless networks in real life?! Well, nothing really surprises me now, I guess :stuck_out_tongue: