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Great job! I think this is my third Elixir newsletter. I’m also subscribed to Elixir Radar and Functional Programming (not sure if that’s the name).


Thanks - I’m a subscriber to ElixirWeekly and really enjoy it.


In Issue #4, we learn about Collision detection in Elixir, Push notifications and password-less login via Phoenix: https://elixirweekly.net/issues/4


Issue #5 contains two blog posts about using Elixir in the Wild, a free e-book and better Elixir support for IntelliJ: https://elixirweekly.net/issues/5


Issue #6 is the biggest issue yet:

There is a Phoenix Special and lots of die-hard Elixir stuff: Understanding Elixir Recompilation, rebar3_elixir, ESpec 1.0.0 and more …


Just subscribed, nice to see another newsletter :slight_smile:

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In Issue #7 we talk about Parsing Gigabytes of CSVs, Dealing with Legacy Databases and Setting up Gitlab for Elixir & Phoenix:

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Thanks - looking forward to some good reading during this weekend :slight_smile:

Issue #8 was published during ElixirConf and contains a brief first impressions (written by yours truly).

If you write any ElixirConf related blog post, please post them to http://elixirstatus.com - I will include them in next week’s ElixirWeekly!

This week’s Issue #9 is titled “ElixirConf revisited” but it contains so much more - like What Keeps You From Using Using Elixir and Asynchronous Tasks.

It’s pretty amazing to see how much interesting things were going on this week besides ElixirConf :slight_smile:

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We actually made it to Issue #10 - woohoo! :slight_smile:

There are some really fun reads in this one, and don’t miss @sasajuric’s talk from FullStackFest linked in the “More …” section!


Issue #11 tells you about Building a Casino in Elixir, Actors vs Objects and ask “Is Elixir programming really that hard?”:


I’m really happy I could not relate to the “Is Elixir that hard?” post at all—being that used to OOP/imperative programming must suck. Ironically, I find Elixir way easier than Java or the like.


This week, we talk about BEAM vs Redis, GenStage Patterns and the Elixir Users’ Survey 2016!

Issue #13 deals with Stateful vs. Stateless Web Applications, Dynamic Forms with Phoenix and Measuring Elixir Apps.


Thanks for pointing me to ExChalk in this one! (Thanks @sotojuan :smile:) Already using it and it’s very helpful! :thumbsup:


In Issue #14 we look at the visual update to ElixirStatus, see how iteration works in Elixir and learn about Mike North’s new Phoenix Workshops.

In Issue #15 there are some great reads: Focusing on José Valim, Reactive Tweets with Elixir GenStage and Streaming Hacker News!

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In Issue #16 is about How IO Lists help Phoenix be fast, Testing Elixir Apps with ExUnit and Why Ross is Betting on Elixir: