Elm 0.19 released!



Ever see Ocsigen/Eliom? http://ocsigen.org – OCaml, one app, toolchain divides it between front-end & back-end, with auto-gen’d RPC between them. (And you can annotate functions to give it hints about the front/back division.)


That looks really nice. I hadn’t heard of Eliom, but started learning Ocaml a month or two ago so this is definitely something to look at. Yes, I have far more threads running than the number of mental cores available :grin:


It’s a nice idea, I just want to make clear that I have no experience with it to judge how well it works out in practice…


I’ve played with it, it’s very capable! I’m still awaiting the long-coming multicore update of OCaml though… ^.^;


You can start (after reading the official Reason, ReasonReact, and Bucklescript docs) by looking at the todomvc implementation in the official ReasonReact examples… if you have React experience along with your Elm experience it will look like a marriage of the two and you might really like the more pragmatic JS interop. After that there are more complex OSS ReasonReact projects on Github to learn from… if you need some links just let me know. I’ve been using it for ~6 months now and really like it but it has taken some time to learn by reading code in projects as the docs are not as fleshed out at Elixir or Elm I’m afraid.


Thanks for the elm alternative advice!
Will look into it whenever I have some time that I’m not spending on Elm and Phoenix… too much to learn. Too bad companies in Belgium are generally not ready (yet) for these kind of things. However, it is finally happening that industry picks up some functional concepts and even languages so there is hope :slight_smile:


I read this thread when it was current — a few weeks back now — but had my first proper go at using Elm today. I’ll re-read the thread, but I remember the gist being that Elm isn’t as popular as it once was, with some solid justifications too.

However I have to say that my first 30 minutes with it — after an hour or so of bug hunting webpack & elm-webpack-loader — has been amazing!

My app needs an interface to build a CrossFit workout from a series of movements, all with different facets, adhering to the workout’s structure (AMRAP vs Chipper for those familiar). So far I’ve got a Lunr.js style search, a nice logical interface to add/remove movements from the workout and reorder them, all with little time spent reading docs or working out quirks.

I built this screen previously as multiple Phoenix forms using a GenServer server-side. Yesterday I tried an interactive screen with Vue2 and got myself in a bit of a mess (and I’ve got a good bit of experience with Vue…). Today, Elm seems to be handling all my fiddly business logic brilliantly! Where have types been all my life! :joy:

Anyway, I thought that I’d add my (early) thumbs to Elm.


What a tease! I read the whole thread looking for the answer and was more disappointed than watching a season of the X-Files. -_-


I think he meant this:

And yeah, no one mentioned the one big thing about Elm that is actually cool and unique, the fact it uses the exported types to determine and force semver increases. :slight_smile:

Though it’s not hard to make for OCaml and Rust has things popping up for it too, and it may not catch ‘logical’ semver changes, but it is still really useful. :slight_smile:

It would actually be quite easy (comparatively) to make such a library for Elixir to do the same all things considered…

That was a direct quote from one of his replies.