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A pdf of the slides is available. However all the videos appear to be up on Youtube with the exception of this talk. wtb: link.

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Ok I asked them in email. If I have any replay I let you know.

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They said that there are going to public this video in future (not ready yet). There will be info on https://twitter.com/LambdaDays

But don’t all those JS alternatives actually compile to JS? Pretty much like WebAssembly is an alternative but it also boils down to JS. I get that not having do code in JS is a godsend (I personally hate JS, specially the syntax), however I think an alternative that could do something that was not JS would be better (browsers would have to support it though :frowning: )

Yes all alternatives compile to JS. The JS is standard for all browser and I don’t think it will change any time soon. Google was promoting Dart but it is only native support in chrome. Flash is dead, Microsoft abandoned Silverlight. But cross compilers are for rescue :slight_smile:

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Create your first web page with Elm - https://egghead.io/lessons/elm-create-your-first-web-page-with-elm

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Quite a few free episodes here: Daily Drip - Elm - by @knewter

Rethink Front End Development With Elm - by Brian Hogan

Code and notes here: http://bphogan.com/presentations/elm2016/



How I structure Elm apps - jenkster.com



This is a post in the Beyond Clojure blog series, in which a Clojure developer looks at typed languages for web app development. In this episode we look at front-end development in the language Elm.

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I’ve been enjoying Elm for a while now and, in the interest of understanding what types of applications can be built with the language, I decided to try out Hop, a routing library for single page applications that, as of version 4.0, supports push state. It also supports StartApp out of the box.

I agree it will be nice to have something like “post-rest” graphql on ELM.

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Intro to Elm (talk)


A Farewell to FRP
Making signals unnecessary with The Elm Architecture

The Elm Architecture is a simple pattern for architecting web apps. It is the standard way to write Elm code, and with derivatives like Redux, it is becoming a popular way to write JavaScript code too! So it is having success, but we still hear questions like: How can I use websockets in The Elm Architecture? Or GraphQL? Or geolocation? Well, Elm 0.17 is out today, and it introduces subscriptions which cover these cases in a really pleasant way. Subscriptions let components sit around and wait for messages while library code handles a bunch of tricky resource management stuff behind the scenes. Later in this post we will see how this makes websockets super simple to work with.




A better API for Elm with Elixir

In this blog post, I’m going to outline one of the ideas for improving Elm integration with Elixir. These things could also apply to other backend stacks, but right now we’re focusing on Elixir with Phoenix.

Union types are a way of representing a set of possible “things”. In Elm, you might be most familiar for using them for pattern matching for actions to figure out what just happened in your update function. For example, you might have…


Don’t mean to hijack the thread or anything but since there’s a bit of interest in Elm in Elixir circles, would it make sense to create an “Elm” tag?


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Good idea - done :023: