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A tutorial on developing single page web applications (SPAs) with Elm.
This tutorial covers:

  • Some Elm foundations
  • Understanding commands and subscriptions in Elm
  • Understanding the Elm architecture
  • Breaking an application in sub components and resources
  • Integrating CSS
  • Fetching and parsing JSON
  • Routing
  • CRUD operations


Love this thread. The trouble I’m having is diving into some of the tutes and needing to spend time frustrated as the syntax had changed. Age of blog is relevant for an evolving language. Unfortunately this deems many to be out of date. Caveat emptor.


By @knewter


First weeks in Elm


Do you guys know of any large scale projects using Elm?


NoRedInk and I think one more are pretty much the only ones. Elm is still relatively unused


I have a fairly large Elm app now in my project, embedded amidst a whole host of other javascript. The Elm part is definitely the largest by sheer LOC though.


https://prezi.com use Elm :slight_smile:


“How is this reality?” …that is great. (From the Erlang Factory SF 2016 Keynote video above). This guy definitely is selling me with that one sentiment.


###Typed Functional Programming in JavaScript

Tie your hands to free your mind" is a mantra you hear that applies really well to the constraints that you put on yourself by embracing statically typed languages and functional programming. We’re going to hear from various people about their respective visions of typed FP in JS.

Elm, purescript and more


via @CharlesO


Learn You An Elm:


Pretty cool, though if it became Learn You a PureScript it’d be 95% the same :smile:


$20 http://courses.knowthen.com/courses/elm-beyond-the-basics

In this course, we’ll go beyond the basics of Elmlang and learn how to use the more advanced concepts like:

  • Structuring Your Apps using the Elm Architecture
  • Talking to Servers / Effects (HTTP / Websocket)
  • JSON Encoding and Decoding
  • Single Page App Navigation (Routing)
  • Talking to JavaScript using Ports
  • and much more…

(They also have the free basics course http://courses.knowthen.com/courses/elm-for-beginners)


Elm 0.18 is going to get rid of infix operations to make functions infix and [1..4] in favor of List.range 1 4.


Also some bug fixes.


The Pragmatic Studio: Elm: The Pragmatic Way (video course; $45 early access - Elm 0.18, 8 of 22 modules so far)


Phoenix and Elm, a real use case (pt. 1) by @bigardone


The example app: https://phoenix-and-elm.herokuapp.com


Hey Aston, thanks for sharing my post :slight_smile:
BTW, here’s the second part http://codeloveandboards.com/blog/2017/02/08/phoenix-and-elm-a-real-use-case-pt-2/ and I’m already working in the third one :slight_smile:


Nice one @bigardone :023:

Have you thought about writing the same tutorial in Bucklescript? I’d love to see such a comparison as these two languages are what I’m going to be looking at when I come to choose a front end tech. I am sure @OvermindDL1 would be willing to help :003: :lol:


Hear hear. I’m sure @OvermindDL1 would be willing to help! ^.^