Elm lang

What José Valim thinks about elm?
Has he given any opinion?

P.D: And you? What you think about Elm?

Have you taken a look at this thread?


Am not sure what José thinks about Elm, but I can give my own impression.

As someone who has done a few internal LOB applications in Elm and has written a book about Elm, I think that the Elm platform has not taken advantage of the good vibes for it some time ago. We waited 1.5 years for a new version of Elm (0.18->0.19). It was very difficult to “sell” the platform to enterprises. There were no bug fixes and the date of the final 0.19 release was unclear.

The language itself and its paradigm is “nice”. It is functional, ticks the right boxes if you like type safety and do not impose the surprises of JavaScript. The language and its architecture is very well thought out and implemented.

The problem is once you go beyond simple applications and integrate with the world outside the Elm platform. Type safety may fall apart if you call a server and its server changes JSON responses. On the client you will have to integrate with third party frameworks and the type safety will fall apart as well. Not to speak about the mental wrestling to make it work.

Don’t get me wrong, the Elm platform is very good, but at the moment it is still immature. The move from 0.18 to 0.19 caused a fracture. Some breaking changes let people who invested into Elm stay on 0.18. Even a fork may be possible.

You may think I am a bit negative, but compare the Elixir and the Elm environment and you will see the difference in having on the Elixir side quick responses to problems, an updated roadmap and a community that can actually change the way of the implementation.


I think the same as you.
A year and a half ago I was enthusiastic about Elm. But during this time it has not moved fast enough that we all expected.