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which is presented in the path, bu
t how can I change it to access language_server.bat?


Got it, in lsp-clients.el, find “language_server.sh”, replace it with “language_server.bat”, it is working fine now, thx for your help!


I’m glad you got it figured out! I’ve submitted a PR upstream: https://github.com/emacs-lsp/lsp-mode/pull/703


Instead of changing your packages sourcode which might shoot yourself in the foot on updates of the package, you might want to customize lsp-clients-elixir-server-executables value.


Thx NobbZ, that exactly the variable I changed in lsp-clients.el though I don’t know what it is used for at the moment. Thanks for your tips!


It is a defcustom, that means that you can change its value through M-x customize.

And it is actually the name of the script that gets used to start the server. @axelson did a pull request that actually changes the default based on the operating system.

Anyone who needs to start another script, should override the default through the customize menu (but as far as I remember, setq in the config should work as well.


HI guys, I got this message when I start the server:

error in process filter: Symbol’s value as variable is void: spacemacs-jump-handlers-elixir-mode

what does it mean?


I tried lsp-elixir the other day. It tries to compile everything and run the node. Which of course doesn’t make sense in the dev mode. Plus start time is hilarious. I think approach needs to be changed to parsing, etc. Somehow even c++ clangd can work without recompilation (or it’s well hidden).


Quick follow up for posterity. use-package looks to be included in spacemacs. So that’s not relevant to your case @DavidCheuk.


error in process filter is a message from lsp-mode itself. Unfortunately my elisp-foo isn’t strong enough to help you much, you’re probably better off asking the lsp-mode maintainers.


If you write your own Elixir Language Server that uses parsing instead of compilation you could use it from Emacs just fine, you just need to add your server to the exec-path. Also let’s try to keep this thread focused on Emacs integration with Language Servers.


Thank you for reminding me to stack on topic!

Would be cool if there will be a config for elixir-mode to have the same indentation as mix format.


Yeah the Elixir mode formatting could definitely use some love. I wonder if you could use mix format as a testing oracle for it, to ensure that the behaviors match


Is there a way to get Web Mode + Elixir to load in .leex (Live EEX) files?

Edit: I managed to associate web-mode with .leex files using the instructions under “Install” and “Associate an engine” here: http://web-mode.org/