EmailThis - My new side project built with Elixir/Phoenix

Hey guys,

I have just launched my first side-project for 2017. It is a tiny app called “Email This”.

Email This is a simple “email this webpage/article to me” service. It removes ads and distractions from pages and sends you an email with just the text/images.

I have built it with Elixir and Phoenix. It is hosted using Dokku on AWS.

I was hoping if you guys could try it out at let me know if you find it useful -


Looks cool, definitely, will check it out! :wink:

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Thanks! Let me know if you find it useful or if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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The body font is too thin and hard to read. Make it a bit ticker!

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love the design! Good work.

What elixir/phoenix libs did you use?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll use a thicker font. Can you tell me what OS you are on?
I am using the default system font stack, so it will be helpful for me to figure out which font appears thinner.

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Here’s a list of libs that I am using -

  • Bamboo (for sending emails)
  • Elixir-Readability (fallback option for extracting useful content from a page in case my JS lib fails)
  • Quantum (Cron jobs)
  • Arc + ex_aws (image upload from the rich text editor used for blog and static pages)

Chrome on latest OS X.

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just signed up :039:


Thanks! Fixing the issue shortly.

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