Was there an employment section on this website that has since been taken down? I haven’t visited for a while, but had a feeling there was

If not, can anyone recommend the go to website for remote work these days?

I am looking for remote Elixir work to supplement my income which has been slashed in half due to COVID. If anyone has anything that they want me to help out with, I would be more than happy to help out, I currently have 20 hours per week under my belt. I am not too fussy about wages at this point, just need to get some paid experience under my belt (within reason!!).

I have not worked professionally as an Elixir developer, but it has been my go to language for personal projects over the last few years. My paid work is generally PHP, MYSQL based. I have solid experience with both front and backend technologies and familiar with concepts surrounding deployment and continuous integration. I am currently toying with circleci.com for my own projects.

I have built a couple of projects using Elixir. One was a prototype web based interface for the remote control of video content on Android boxes using websockets and the other one was a scenario builder for educators to build sequenced content and allow a student to play the lesson back and interact with it (also web socket based).

I have almost completed Pragmatic Daves Hangman course, about 90% of the way through and have proven myself as a freelancer over the last 12 years as someone who can rapidly adapt and learn to new technologies.

I am located in Australia (GMT+10) - Ballarat.

I am also on the lookout for employment in Melbourne, if anyone can recommend any dev studios who use Elixir and might be looking for devs (junior to mid). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time - I hope everyone is well!

All the best,



There is the #community:elixir-jobs category, where job listings are placed, we also have #community:dev-profiles, where you can showcase your self.

Then there is https://elixirjobs.net/. I’m pretty sure there are much more, but that was my first hit on google and I’m short on time…

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Also the Elixir slack thingo has a “looking for contracts” channel, as well as a job listing channel.

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apologies for my ignorance but would not linkedin, indeed or seek work to search for elixir jobs in australia?

Hi @sushant12 - they would but not many Elixir jobs advertised there. I’m based in Australia and if I was looking to hire an Elixir dev I would first go to the communities first and see who’s there and contributing. If I had no luck there, I would then advertise on Seek and LinkedIn, but would look for a highly competent dev with “Elixir preferred” but not mandatory.


Thanks - yes, @mindok is right. Elixir is not everywhere down here yet.

I wasn’t quite accurate in describing what I have been up to, as I have also been a salaried employee for the last 3 years after I finished the 12 years of scraping together freelance work. It doesn’t take long to get out of form when it comes to finding what freelance sites to use and which ones to avoid.

Which is why I thought I would start here.

Thanks for pointing out the job categories, I will start my quest there.