Erlang for real time applications

I would like to inquire as to Erlang/Elixir’s viability as a real-time communications platform for video/audio & other between peers without WebRTC / Janus gate, as what they achieved with games like Call of Duty:

I understand one benefit of WebRTC is that it takes the streaming load off the server, but how would it be possible to implement a coordinated data streaming service without third party APIs with Erlang/Elixir as more than a signalling server?

Any books walk through a more comprehensive use of gen_tcp?

“Don’t trust the client” enforces a server mediator among the peers.

How? Thank you.

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Many of the cell towers in the world are running Erlang, so yes it’s viable for audio communications.

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Yes but how do they accomplish that?

Is that statement backed by public facts? The Ericsson switch powered by Erlang seems not really relevant today. Today, majority of Ericsson equipment seems powered by C++ (according to a friend who works there in test).

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If he’s working in V&V, I bet C++ is used in some kind of test bench devices (that may or may not have GUI). Those are pretty common in embedded devices in V&V…

Anyway, I’m really interested to hear more about that (if true)…


Nice article to read (it includes a reference to above talk from Johan Bevemyr)