Erlang User Conference Call For Talks

Do you have what it takes to be a speaker? Have you made an interesting innovation, an open-source application or a product with Erlang/OTP/Elixir? Submit your talk and share the knowledge with our inspiring crowd!
As a speaker you will gain complimentary access to the conference, an invitation to the Speakers’ Dinner and other activities exclusively reserved for speakers.

If your talk does not get accepted, but you would still like to attend as a delegate, we will reserve a ticket for you at the Very Early Bird rate, which is SEK 3900 + VAT. The standard ticket price is SEK 4500 + VAT.

The deadline for talk proposals is 27 May.


If you have any good ideas for a talk please come with a proposal. Time is running out and there is always room for more good talks. Otherwise if you are not careful you will get me talking LFE and lisp. :slight_smile: