ERP apps in Elixir

Hi, does anyone know any open source ERP apps made with Elixir ?
Thank you

What does ERP mean in this context?

Enterprise resource planning

I would search on…

There is one erp package which hits 1.0.0, but I have have never used it.

ERP apps can do hundreds of things (reference: SAP). You’ll need to be a bit more specific.

Thank you

Yes I’m looking something like Odoo or ERPNext made with elixir but not necessary as many features as them, just need some basic accounting, sales, inventory, purchase to get start
Thank you

You won’t find anything like that. Erp is complicated. You can either pay a ton of money to SAP and outsource 100% of your erp software and struggle with super enterprisey software, terrible interfaces, and high risk of user error, of hire an expensive programmer to write a custom ERP system for yourselves, run the risk that they are a crappy programmer, and also incur a very high bus factor, in case the hired programmer decides one day that erp is boring and takes all his knowledge with him.

And thus most people writing custom ERP software have a lot of custom bits and don’t really feel the need to open source it, so good luck finding quality open source ERP software, much less anything written in elixir. Sorry for the bad news.


100 times what @ityonemo said.

ERP and CRM are extremely complex mostly because every company has their own list of specific requirements so SAP and others have opted to make giant Java / C# mastodonts that can be customized to infinity (in theory at least; good luck actually doing it).

Your best bet is to sit down and seriously ask yourself which ERP / CRM features you actually need and either write those yourself or try and mash together an amalgamation of smaller-scoped OSS programs to do it for you (very hard but still easier compared to many other alternatives).

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thx for the advice

Yeah, this is one of the areas where the OSS model does not shine, because it is too specific and fragmented. There could be some business opportunities in SaaS of very specific ERP features though.

Most of the smaller companies (< 100 headcount) get by by using some standard accounting software packages, some excel spreadsheets, some airtables, some in house developed applications.