Error when deploying application after mix release

Hello everyone.

I’m facing a problem after creating an app using MIX_ENV=prod mix release. When trying to start the app I get this error:

grep: /movile/garuda/releases/24.38.10/sys.config: No such file or directory

{"could not start kernel pid",application_controller,"error in config file \"/releases/24.38.10/sys.config\" (none): configuration file not found"}

could not start kernel pid (application_controller) (error in config file "/releases/24.38.10/sys.config" (none): configuration file not found)

It seems to be a problem with a config.exs but I can’t really find where shoud I change

Can you send us said config file, so we can see whatever could be wrong ?
Also, you may need to post more details about the context.
Ex : Did you use some uncommon library ?
What precisely do you want to archieve ?

Right now we are lacking information to effectively troubleshoot