Error when running iex.bat

HI I am new to Elixir. I downloaded the elixir-websetup.exe and installed it on my machine. it created 2 folders one elixir and one erlang.

then I went to elixir/bin folder and run iex.bat and it give me the following error. can someone help me fix it pls ?

machine is using windows 10. installed under admin user, also tried installing under a standard user , both gave the same error

D:\Elixir>cd bin

(no error logger present) {e"rirnoirt: “tbeerammi/nbaetaimn_gl oiand .dco(1b7o3o1t)":, {Elroraodr flaoialdeidn,g[ emrold_uplaer seer]l}_}p
Crash dump is being written to: erl_crash.dump…se:\n bad tag ‘z’ (expected ‘a’ or ‘i’)\n”
init terminating in do_boot ()

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Really sounds like a corrupt installation or so… Wipe the elixir and erlang installs, then install Erlang OTP 19, then install Elixir 1.4.x.

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