Ethers - a comprehensive Web3 library for interacting with smart contracts on Ethereum using Elixir

I tried to run Ethers.get_logs/2 but I consistently had {:ok, []} as a result.

iex> filter = MyERC20Token.EventFilters.transfer(nil, my_smart_contract_address)
  event Transfer(
    address indexed from any,
    address indexed to "0x...",
    uint256 value
iex> Ethers.get_logs(filter)
{:ok, []}

I could make Ethers.get_balance/1 work for the record.
And I finally used Ethers.get_transaction/1 as I really needed to poll the blockchain.

Is there something obvious I missed from Ethers.get_logs/2 usage?
(I tried switching arguments, I tried others filters of the smart contract like MyERC20Token.EventFilters.bought, but no luck)

P.S. I combined your library with W3WS, as the latest can get subscriptions from the blockchain!