Executing open Anything.any_thing() looks for the file inside Jose's computer instead of my computer

I was watching Jose Valim’s talk The Feature That No One Knew About in Elixir 1.5. At one point he executed open Tuple.to_list and the file was immediately opened in Sublime Text. I followed him and executed the same command in my iex, and got an error. What was the most interesting about the error that the program was looking for the file inside Jose’s computer instead of looking for the file inside my computer.

Look at my terminal.

For me it looks for a temporary build dir used by my package manager…

So it seems as if the PATH info is created during compilation of Elixir and you use a precompiled version…

And as I read the issue below, it should be fixed at least for your case with the release 1.5.2:



This is a cool feature, I often find myself jumping into some of the standard library files to take a look around. I’m also getting a temporary build dir, but according to the issue it looks like it should be fixed in the next release.

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