exports(IEX.Helpers) Error

Why is exports(IEX.Helpers) having this error,

** (UndefinedFunctionError) function IEX.Helpers.module_info/1 is undefined (module IEX.Helpers is not available)
(iex) lib/iex/autocomplete.ex:61: IEx.Autocomplete.exports/1
(iex) lib/iex/helpers.ex:737: IEx.Helpers.exports/1

How do I install Helpers.module?

Its there, you have a typo, try IEx.Helpers instead of IEX.Helpers (capital X).

iex(1)> exports(IEx.Helpers)
b/1                            break!/1                       break!/2
h/1                            import_file/1                  import_file/2
import_file_if_available/1     import_if_available/1          import_if_available/2
open/1                         t/1                            break!/3
break!/4                       breaks/0                       c/1
c/2                            cd/1                           clear/0
continue/0                     exports/0                      exports/1
flush/0                        h/0                            i/0
i/1                            l/1                            ls/0
ls/1                           nl/1                           nl/2
open/0                         pid/1                          pid/3
pwd/0                          r/1                            recompile/0
ref/1                          ref/4                          remove_breaks/0
remove_breaks/1                reset_break/1                  reset_break/3
respawn/0                      runtime_info/0                 runtime_info/1
v/0                            v/1                            whereami/0