Exs files evaluated at compile time are still available at runtime

Hey there :wave:

After a suggestion from @LostKobrakai, I updated my storybook library to work on .exs files instead of .ex files. Here is the pull request.

The idea is that a set of exs files are evaluated in macros (during compilation) and then can be forgotten as their content has been made available through precompiled functions.

Still if I iex into my running app (dev or prod, release or not), the modules defined in .exs files are still available. I can indeed list them under _build/dev/lib/phx_live_storybook/ebin

Is it normal?
What is your take on this?

I’m trying a lot of stuff to understand the issue, but it seems that just running Code.eval_file/1 in a macro body will produce the compiled beam file of the evaluated script file.