ExTestCase - Support Data Provider for unit testing

My first attempt using meta programming on Elixir, that expand unit testing to support data provider on tests.
I intend to add more features to it and maybe make a package for it.

Please, any suggestion let me know to improve it.


defmodule ExTestCaseTests do
  use ExUnit.Case
  use ExTestCase

  @data_provider [
    [true, true],
    [30, 12]
  test "data provider using static data", input, expected do
    assert input == expected

  @data_provider get_data_provider(30)
  test "data provider using a function", input, expected do
    assert input == expected

  def get_data_provider(value) do
      [true, true],
      [20, value],
      [1, 1]

igorsegallafa/ex-test-case: Elixir test case extended to support data provider (github.com)

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Some thoughts, in no particular order:

If you want to override @ to capture the unevaluated expression passed to @data_provider, it’s better to check specifically for that case instead of overriding the behavior for all module attributes.

Enum.join expects that its argument’s elements will be convertible using the String.Chars protocol; that’s not true for either maps or tuples. Consider mapping over the arguments with inspect first to generate human-readable values.

The extra dot-printing on line 42 works in the default ExUnit configuration, but it’s possible to turn colors off or even replace ExUnit.CLIFormatter entirely :thinking:

Parting thought: if one of the tests from static data fails, how would a user run just that test case (versus running all of the cases generated by a single test macro)?


Thank you so much for ur suggestions, already commited with the fixes and improvements.

Regarding your last question, ye, it is a problem this test case helper has. Since I am using it as just a helper, I think its pretty much useful already.