Farmbot Local Deployment NervesHub Setup

Hi there,

I have a Farmbot WebApp local deployment. For local deployments it is suggested that you comment out connectivity to the NervesHub in the .env file. I am using FBOS 9.2.2.

Everything was working fine for months until I started getting this error in my logs upon startup: Custom server, Error opening AMQP connection for OTA certs.

After this error my stepper motors stop working.

After talking to Farmbot the suggested I get in touch with Nerves to see if I should set up an independent NervesHub deployment.

Is that the right approach and if so is it easy to do?

I am unsure that these things are related. NervesHub does not use AMQP for connections but FarmBot does for the message broker. Setting up a personal NervesHub could help assist you in your deployments, but if you are self hosting, you could likely just use ssh to push updates locally.

Thanks @mobileoverlord. Farmbot was rate limiting my account which I think may have caused the issues, things seem to be working now on my local deployment after they turned rate limiting off. However on my Farmbot hosted instance I am still getting issues.

They suggested I get in touch with Nerves to check if they also had turned on rate limiting for my account. Does Nerves apply rate limiting to Farmbot accounts?