Feedback on Sign Up Flow

I created a diagram of the sign-up process my team is going to implement and I was just looking for some feedback on it. This is our first Phoenix project so I want to make sure I’ve got the terminology, etc… correct. any other feedback is welcome too :slight_smile:


I haven’t worked with Stripe subscriptions since they introduced Payment Intents but if it’s anything like purchasing a single item without a subscription the “collect and create transaction” work flow is a lot more complex now.

You need to be prepared to accept an optional secondary input from the user for them to verify the transaction before you’re allowed to charge them. This is thanks to SCA, which Stripe support said is worth adhering to even if you operate a business in the US because certain European card issuers will enforce the check for all of their European customers.

Failure to comply will be a blocked transaction.


Good to know. I’m using React Stripe Elements to build the Stripe Form so there are a number of error paths that I need to handle.

Does SCA have anything to do with requires authentication?


The link you supplied is for testing cards.

I would read this from top to bottom:

And focus in on the recurring payments examples.


Thanks for this. I’m giving people a 30 day free trial so it looks like the initial sign-up won’t be too bad. But, then you need to verify the first invoice that eventually gets created and make sure it doesn’t require any further action.