File conflicts adding schema into existing context

I’m using Phoenix 1.3 and used the following generator mix phx.gen.json Games Player players and it generated all the needed files. Now I’m trying to add a new schema to the same context using mix phx.gen.json Games Team teams and I got the following warning:

The following files conflict with new files to be generated:

  • lib/test_api_web/views/changeset_view.ex
  • lib/test_api_web/controllers/fallback_controller.ex

See the --web option to namespace similarly named resources

Proceed with interactive overwrite? [Yn]

it’s not completely clear to me why I’m getting this warning/error, should I go ahead? or is there something I’m doing wrong?


I think (I never use the generators) it is just saying that it needs to add code to those files and is going to walk you through it? Make sure you are git committed and try it? :slight_smile:

yeah, I tried it right after creating this post, and nothing bad happened :slight_smile: - Actually every time I use the generator, whether creating a new context or adding a new model to an existent context, I get this warning? message, I just accept it and everything seems to be fine. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing it in the wrong way.