Finding source for a couple of packages in hex

So if a package in does NOT have a GitHub link, where is the source? (Examples: cf & fs.)

This is for some auditing, so unfortunately just letting mix fetch it is not adequate, I have to provide a link to the online sources.


you should find e-mails at least for project maintainers on

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well, yeah, but the source has to be accessible via hex, since mix deps can get it

and, to be clear, I need the URL that mix deps uses

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sure the sources are available, they are inside package.

Remove your “deps” directory. Then run “mix deps.get”. It will re-download all the packages. It will output something like this to console:

Basically I think the URL is

Untar it. Inside will be file contents.tar.gz. Untar it. You’ll find sources inside.


I figured it would be easy, just not that embarrassingly easy! Seriously, I never really noticed that on a fresh mix deps.get it was listing the URLs as it fetched them.

Anyway, that’s a perfect answer.