Flashy - A small library to extend LV's flash notifications

I will take a look and try to reproduce it here :slight_smile:

Can you try the latest commit in master?

Hey everyone,

I just pushed version 0.2.5.

This version fixes the issue reported by @Valeriy and also another issue when using app.js with type="module".


Loved the Library! After following the steps correctly, it just works! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

By default, the dismiss_time is set to 10 seconds – is there a way to programmatically set dismiss_timer for all notifications?

Hey everyone,

I just pushed version 0.2.6 and version 0.2.7.

Version 0.2.6 adds support for adding notifications with a manual key.

Basically you only need this if you want to replace a notification that is already exists with another one.

You do that by adding a custom key when creating the notification to the socket:

put_notification(socket, notification, key: "my_custom_key")

If you want to see this working, you can check it out in the GitHub - sezaru/flashy_example: Small project showing Flashy features project.

Version 0.2.7 adds support for setting the dismiss_time value via a configuration during compile time as requested by @absowoot

config :flashy, dismiss_time: :timer.seconds(5)

Thanks for your work on Flashy, it looks really good!

Quick question, do you have any insights on how Flashy compares to something like live_toast? To me it seems like a competing library that tries to achieve some of the same things, but there might be slight nuances I am not aware of?

Hmm, I’m not sure, I didn’t test it, but at first glance it seems like a more “opinionated” library where it is faster to get started but harder to customize while flashy is the other way around.