Flow.new no longer supported?

Hi – I noticed through a compiler warning that Flow.new is not defined anymore (using GenStage 0.6.1).

I moved the max_demand: 2 param that I had set previously in Flow.new to Flow.partition to notice that when i ran my code again it ran, but not in parallel…

Also any context on the removal of new. It is referenced in the docs when mentioning max_demand but the function new is removed from the Flow docs.

Any suggestions on the non-parallelism - did the iniital threshhold for necessary parallelizable collection size increase?


Instead of doing Flow.new(options) |> Flow.from_enumerable(...) or Flow.new(options) |> Flow.from_stage(...), you should now write Flow.from_enumerable(..., options) or Flow.from_stage(..., options).

The change is also mentioned in the CHANGELOG.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll monitor the CHANGELOG from now on. Cheers